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Dynamic Psychometrics LLC offers clear, reliable, efficient, and accessible options for psychological testing/evaluation and treatment of varied mental health conditions. The office works identifying mental health disorders, completing tailored assessment, and providing individual psychotherapy that is right for you.

We can assist you with evaluations for personal reasons, school accommodations, diagnostic confirmation, treatment recommendation for your doctor, parent’s support and individual growth, work, surgical team, court, immigration procedures, and parole officers.


Services are directed towards helping others succeed and grow in today’s demanding environment. We also specialize in trauma informed care and services are provided in English and Spanish.


Feel free to ask about our sliding scale.


"One day in retrospect the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful." 

Sigmund Freud



Sessions are between 45 to 53 minutes long. After determining if we are a good fit, we will explore the situation and together delimit a plan.
Individual Therapy
1 hr
$100 to $160
Group Picture

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