Covid-19 Practice Policies

Coronavirus Disease 2019Practice Protocols – Procedures

The worldwide situation with the coronavirus disease 2019 (covid19) has prompted the adoption of new protocols and procedures within our practice. For Dynamic Psychometrics (DP), the main goal is to ensure that we all follow national, local, and professional guidance in the provision of services and to minimize risk, as we keep providing you with the best care possible.

It has been established by national authorities that the opening of services and relaxing of social distancing practices should be conducted by phases. Mental health services have been identified as essential and required to be cautious in their practices. New regulations have been adopted by DP moving forward through the phases. 

You should be aware of your level of tolerance for taking risks and talk to our staff and providers about any concern. All vulnerable persons are recommended to shelter in place. We should be aware that we could carry the virus back home to our loved ones. Precautions should be taken to isolate from vulnerable residents in your home if you are required or choose to be outside. 

If it is your choice, will meet through telehealth as possible, using audio and video platforms. DP uses HIPAA compliant platforms to protect the information being exchanged. For cases where in-person sessions are required, some safety procedures have been adopted by DP before and at the time of your appointment. 

Our staff has been instructed to inquire about your health and travel plans before your appointment date. Some of the questions will be if you or someone in your household has been feeling ill or been diagnosed with covid19 and if you have been in a cruise or plane within the past 14 days. If there is a concern regarding your health or risk, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. Please be honest to the best of your knowledge. At your appointment, the provider may revisit these questions and if there is a health or risk concern, the provider may choose to reschedule your appointment. 

At our offices, we are screening our providers daily and taking their temperature. No provider is allowed to see a client in person if ill or suspected to be ill or in contact with a person that is ill or suspected to be ill. Some of the signs of illness are dry cough, throat pain, loss of smell, problems breathing, and fever. Our office will reserve the right to take your temperature before the start of your session. 

The staff is instructed to clean the office regularly and between clients, and to wipe highly touched areas such as doorknobs and counter space. The day of your appointment, only one escort/companion should be with the intended client to avoid forming crowds. If a high volume of people is found to be at the waiting area you may be asked to wait in your vehicle or will be moved to a separate room to wait for your session. 

You can choose to wear a mask or some form of face cover to your appointment. You and our provider are encouraged to wash their hands regularly and use hand sanitizer regularly. Providers are instructed to wear protective gear when in doubt of their health or the health of those around the provider.  

Thank you for your understanding and for helping. 

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